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The Avant 400 Series

Avant 400 series loaders are real narrow access specialists and the smallest diesel model in the range. In spite of the small size and low weight of the 400 series, the lifting capacity of the loader is noteworthy with over 500 kg handled with ease. The loader's turning radius is less than two meters which means the loader turns almost on the spot. 

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The Avant 423

Avant 423 compact dimensions and easy maneuverability make it extremely versatile for many different purposes. The 423 is fit for plenty all-year-round

  • Lift capacity 550 kg

  • Lift height 2.8 m

  • Engine power 22 hp

  • Drive speed 12 km/h

  • Optidrive™ drive circuit gives more power for the drive and hydraulic attachments.

  • Simple, effective hydraulics means good power and low operating costs

  • Easy to transport with a car trailer


Check out the information leaflet for the Avant 400 series here

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