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Providing some of the best products from around the world, combined with an unrivalled level of service and expertise, means customers look to Murdoch to provide safe and effective working-at-height solutions. Murdoch have a rich wealth of experience in the industry, collaborating with with the best designers and engineers they work tirelessly to bring to market new products that make work safer, quicker and easier. From standard  to custom solutions, Murdoch are trusted by customers to provide a solution for almost any application.

All of Murdoch's products are available in a range of sizes as well as custom orders to allow for the perfect solution to your access needs

Work Platforms


Scaffold Combination Ladder

688805 Produkt 02.jpg

Mobile Warehouse Steps

686400 Produkt 01.jpg
7102004 Produkt 01.jpg

Folding Service Step

Industrial Work Platform

808106 Produkt 01.jpg

Mobile Platform Steps with handrail

Modular Platforms

22100608 Produkt 01.jpg


68840603 Produkt 01.jpg

Mobile Steps

22210608 Produkt 01.jpg

Stairway with Platform

22400608 Produkt 01.jpg

Mobile Access Stepover Unit

609194 Produkt 01.jpg

Lorry Maintenance Platform

22300608 Produkt 01.jpg

Mobile Access Bridging Unit

Fixed Vertical Ladders

Roof Access with hoops.jpg

Fixed Vertical with Safety Cage


Fixed with Security Door

Ladder Walkthrough Only.png

Fixed Vertical with Walkthrough

Roof Access with Parapet Crossover.png

Parapet Crossover


Manhole Ladder

Ladder only.png

Fixed Ladder Only

Scaffold Towers

7089405 Produkt 01.jpg

Folding Mobile Scaffold Tower


DIY Scaffold Tower


Folding AGR Mobile Tower


808004 Produkt 01.jpg

Platform Step

402408 Produkt 01.jpg

Double Sided Stepladder

Murdoch GRPS04 Open.jpg


Tanker Ladders

228001 Produkt 01.jpg

2280 Tanker Ladder


Stabilo Tanker Ladder

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