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For over 40 years, Planet Platforms have led the way as access platform innovators; designing, manufacturing, and installing specialist work at height equipment

Aluminium Access Platforms

Fixed Height

Planet Platforms developed Alutec, a bespoke range of aluminium access systems, platforms, and walkways, offering you the ultimate safety for working at height

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Specialist Access

Planet Platforms lead the way in designing specialist access platforms, perfect for safely enabling work at height. Designing an access solution that can work at varying heights increases the number of tasks that equipment can complete. Hydraulic vertical adjustment is the preferred option as it is possible to gradually alter the working height.

Aluminium Walkways

Planet Platforms walkways provide a defined and secure route across the roof, keeping users safe from the associated hazards when working at height without the need for fall arrest personal protective equipment

scafƒolding .jpeg

Scaffolding Towers

Quick and simple to erect, a mobile scaffold tower gives end users an off-the-shelf access product that is suitable for most applications and environments. Modular in construction using only a small number of components, these scaffold towers can be built in just a few minutes and being mobile, can move from area to area without the need to be dismantled.


Fibreglass Access Platforms

Access Platforms

Fibreglass is lightweight, strong, non-conductive, and spark/chemical resistant making it perfect for offshore, food, rail, or conservation sites.

Planet Platforms developed the Protec fibreglass systems that is specifically engineered to go into situations where a metallic access solution cannot be used



Available with three platform heights, 950mm, 1250mm and 1500mm, it’s visible colour makes it stands out in a busy work environment, whilst a captive ladder, locking gate and in-line castors give it integral benefits. Working at height is made even safer with the Protec Podium’s non-slip platform deck and treads, and anti-slip feet. It is also chemical, weather and spark resistant

Scaffolding Towers

Certified and independently tested for use in zone one classified areas, Prosafe is also compliant with 3T assembly processes. With lesser components, the 500-span Prosafe tower is a competitive essential to any access equipment portfolio

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