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Material Handling Solutions

Essener Equipment provides material handling solutions from quality manufacturers and we also modify and adapt to suit your needs. We offer after-purchase care on all products that is like no other, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. 


For more than 60 years Probst tools and machines have been making your everyday life on the construction site easier. Thanks to many important ergonomic and efficiency-enhancing innovations, Probst are now market leaders in the field of gripping and laying technology for paving stones, concrete and natural stone elements.

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Armorgard’s product portfolio is relevant to many markets and the uses for our equipment are far-reaching. Armorgard have built up their products to be strong enough for any environment you give it; so what could you use Armorgard for?


Scanlift’s reputation is built on offering only strong, durable and safe products designed and manufactured to work reliably in the toughest environments for many years. For over forty years Scanlift have specialised in supplying only two product lines – top-quality mechanical scissor grabs and crane forks.  By specialising in this way they offer our customers throughout UK & Ireland an unrivalled level of experience and know-how in these products.

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Grabo is a tool that revolutionized heavy-lifting equipment, especially in the construction industry. The product is unmatched in build quality, design simplicity and work efficiency for both professionals and hobbyists. 

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Multi Sweep have been at the forefront of quality for over 30 years, constantly improving their products to deliver the best in maintenance and cleaning for your yard

Trollies and pallet trucks

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