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For over 60 years, Probst tools and equipment have made everyday life on the construction site easier. Thanks to many important ergonomic and efficiency-enhancing innovations, Probst are today the world market leader and define the handling of construction materials on sites and in concrete plants

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Professional Tools

SZ Block extractor .jpeg
Alignment bar.jpeg

GH Ergo
Equipped with two different rubber elements, one with a rectangular, slightly beveled profile which means the rubber profile hits the stone flat without the user having to stand too close to the edge of the stone layer. On the second side, the profile is tapered, this enables an accurate strike


EP UNI Hand screed.jpeg
Miniplan MP70.jpeg
EP UNI Hand screed.jpeg

Mini Plan MP70
This lightweight, handy and smart tool allows effective finishing work on screeded areas. 

Telescopic Screeding System 
Universally suitable for precise and flexible screeding of laying courses on both, large and small sites. Comfortable upright working position

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