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Thanks to the inspiration and progress-oriented attitude of the owner and founder Pierino Bravi, BRAVI PLATFORMS is a globally recognized and respected mobile platform production company, a pioneer in the creation of more efficient and safer methods of working at low heights.

Leonardo HD is the first mobile platform to arrive on site and the last to leave! The Leonardo HD can be easily driven through doorways and into tight spaces that would require you to use scaffolding or ladders. The revolutionary compact size of this platform, its versatile manoeuvrability, and featherweight of only 510 kg allow the Leonardo HD to fit into most elevators, reaching top floors effortlessly and driving through standard doorways without requiring the operator to leave the platform.

Leonardo HD

Leo HD 4.jpg
Leo HD 2.jpeg
Leo HD 4.jpg
  • The second generation of the tried and tested Leonardo platform

  • Allows you to reach a working height of 5 meters

  • Integrated forklift pockets

  • Provides exceptional maneuvrability in difficult working conditions

  • Pothole protection mechanism provides unique ground clearance

  • With lowered platform, it is able to overcome gradients of 35% and, through the use of simple ramps, can overcome obstacles such as steps and stairways

The Sprint is an innovative and versatile order picker that increases productivity and efficiency, offering superior safety. Sprint moves quickly and simultaneously lifts both the operator and the materials to the desired height. The innovative loading shelf carries up to 90 kg and can be electrically adjusted by simply pressing a button on board. Additional material can also be stored on the bonnet transport platform up to a maximum of 113 kg, greatly reducing the downtime. All functions are activated without having to move the hand from the accelerator, for maximum operator comfort


Sprint 4.jpg
Sprint 3.jpg
Sprint Detail.jpg
  • An innovative order picker

  • Working height 5.35 m

  • It can complete a full rotation on its axis

  • 80.8 cm wide, 150 cm long

  • Control panel equipped with a large LCD display showing vehicle status, system operating time and battery status via a charge indicator

Spin-Go it is an innovative, crafted yet simple product. Once you try it, ladders won’t do the job any more. Spin-Go can be manually moved into the desired position with ease and in no time. It lifts the operator and loaded items, positioning them at the desired height. The innovative load tray carries up to 90kg and its height can be manually adjusted while on board. Furthermore, additional material can be loaded on the load deck found on the hood, up to a maximum load of 90 kg (198.4 lbs.). This will reduce the number of unnecessary trips inside the warehouse to retrieve items. The use of Spin-Go will also allow you to take full advantage of vertical space, in certain circumstances doubling the quantity of items immediately available at hand.


Spin-Go (no bckgd).png
Spin-Go 11.jpg
Spin-Go 1.jpg
  • An innovative manual push-around vertical platform with motorized lift/lower

  • Working height 4.17 m

  • Manual adjustable load tray easily positioned from on board the platform

  • 73 cm wide, 115 cm long

  • Feather weight of only 280 kg

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