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The engineering expertise of Avant brings you the Leguan Lift!

Every spider lift is designed with extraordinary all-terrain capabilities and robust boom structure, which makes Leguans versatile and fit for any access job. Leguans are built to withstand all climates from the heat of Australia to the freezing cold winters of the Nordics.

2021-10-19 10.24.38.jpg

The Leguan 190 

LEGUAN 190 is an access platform designed for heavy duty professional and rental use. In the design of the spider lift, special attention has been paid to durability, excellent up-and-over clearance and user-friendly interface. Leguan 190 is the right choice for tree care, painters, construction work and facility maintenance.

High ground clearance and steady, protected tracked (or 4WD) base provide fast and smooth access on rough terrain. All Leguans are designed to be driven safely while standing on the platform to increase efficiency while transitioning on site. Many leading features such as the automatic levelling is standard, but operators can also opt for many optional features such as the extra speed for the fastest driving speed in the market.


The Leguan 135 Neon 

LEGUAN 135 NEO represents new generation of spider lifts combining easy-to-use interface, heavy lifting capacity, and efficiency-enhancing technology. The state-of-the-art joystick control allows simultaneous use of multiple boom movements with just one hand. Setting up or finishing the operation is efficient with the help of the smart automatic levelling function and the home function that brings booms automatically back to transport position.

Transitioning the Leguan 135 NEO through tight entrances is easy due to smooth drive control and small width of the spider lift. The new innovative boom structure helps the operator to maintain distance to the walls and the unparalleled user interface makes controlling the spider lift easier than ever before. The Leguan 135 NEO is a great fit for rental use and all kinds of facility maintenance and installation work both indoors and outdoors.

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