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Grabo Pro
  • Grabo Pro

    The Pro-Lifter is equipped with a smart digital pressure sensor. This makes it even more effective on different surfaces. With a simple press of a button, the lifting function is automatically activated and regulated. The sensor automatically provides the optimum level of suction, keeping objects in complete control whether the object is being lifted or even during movement. The digital display on the grab handle shows the pressure applied in both bars and psi. With the pressure sensors, you don’t have to worry about turning the vacuum pump on or off. In fact, the automatic sensor is especially useful when lifting and moving coarse materials. The sensors digitally detect and maintain the required pressure while transferring the object being lifted. This provides for precision handling and installation without too much of a hassle. In any case, the sensor automatically stops the pump upon reaching the maximum vacuum capacity of 11.6 PSI.

    • Maintenance and Repairs

      We handle all repairs and maintenance of Grabo's. Any replacememnts of faulty or broken Grabo lifters rewquire the original recipet to process, so be sure to hang on to it 

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